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Photography Work

Through My Viewfinder: Unveiling Perspectives.

Photography: Past Events
Windy Roads.JPG

A Parenthesis of Eternity

a photographic diary of a trip to Sequoia

Mystical Atmospheres

Fashion Shoot for Simone Rocha


Car Week 2022

Still Lifes in California

Photography: Past Events
Musical Stranger.jpeg

New York, October 2023

This collection captures the bustling energy of New York's vibrant streets and the characters the city holds.

Rennsport Reunion 7: A photographic Journal

The Porsche Rennsport Reunion stands as the pinnacle gathering for Porsche enthusiasts worldwide. I had the opportunity to experience the Rennsport Reunion 7 and documented it through both analog and digital photography.


Ennui, a wistful lullaby

Through ennui's haze, we find reprieve, In silent solace, we start to believe. For in its depths, a beauty lies, Romanticizing life's gentle sighs.
Captured on 35mm film

Iconic Velocity: Prototype Legends at Lingotto

"Iconic Velocity: Prototype Legends at Lingotto" is an analog photography series that harmonizes the world of automotive design with architectural marvels. Each photograph captures a rare prototype, let it be the Ferrari Modulo, The Lancia Stratos Zero or the Ruf 1987 Yellowbird -  gracefully maneuvering on the legendary Lingotto Test Track, nestled on the roof of the awe-inspiring Lingotto factory in Turin, Italy.

The Bolldog that doesnt bark_

GP Ice Race 2022

A photoseries capturing moments behind the 2022 GP Ice Race media event

Photography: Past Events
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