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Photography Work

Through My Viewfinder: Unveiling Perspectives.

Photography: Past Events
Windy Roads.JPG

A Parenthesis of Eternity

a photographic diary of a trip to Sequoia

Mystical Atmospheres

Fashion Shoot for Simone Rocha


Traces of Beauty

Portrait photography within my bachelorthesis

Musical Stranger.jpeg

New York, October 2023

This collection captures the bustling energy of New York's vibrant streets and the characters the city holds.

Rennsport Reunion 7: A photographic Journal

The Porsche Rennsport Reunion stands as the pinnacle gathering for Porsche enthusiasts worldwide. I had the opportunity to experience the Rennsport Reunion 7 and documented it through both analog and digital photography.

Photography: Past Events

Ennui, a wistful lullaby

Through ennui's haze, we find reprieve, In silent solace, we start to believe. For in its depths, a beauty lies, Romanticizing life's gentle sighs.
Captured on 35mm film

Iconic Velocity: Prototype Legends at Lingotto

"Iconic Velocity: Prototype Legends at Lingotto" is an analog photography series that harmonizes the world of automotive design with architectural marvels. Each photograph captures a rare prototype, let it be the Ferrari Modulo, The Lancia Stratos Zero or the Ruf 1987 Yellowbird -  gracefully maneuvering on the legendary Lingotto Test Track, nestled on the roof of the awe-inspiring Lingotto factory in Turin, Italy.

The Bolldog that doesnt bark_

GP Ice Race 2022

A photoseries capturing moments behind the 2022 GP Ice Race media event

Photography: Past Events
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