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A Parenthesis of Eternity

a photographic diary of a trip to Sequoia

The mighty giants of Sequoia's grace, Whose age transcends the human race.
They rise above the forest's green, Towering guardians, serene, With trunks that reach the heavens high, They touch the depths of a timeless sky.
In rings of wisdom, stories unfold, Centuries captured, secrets untold, Each circle etched with history's mark, In bark so rugged, yet soft and dark.
Through fires fierce and storms untamed, They've stood unyielding, never maimed, Surviving ages, they've witnessed it all, As empires rise and kingdoms fall. Whispers of wind caress their crowns, As melodies of nature resound, Their branches sway in ancient dance, A symphony of life's enduring trance. 
May we learn from your noble stance, To cherish nature's sacred dance, And hold reverence for all that's old, For in history's embrace, we find our soul.
In the age of sequoia trees, we're reminded, Of life's grandeur, ever-guided, By the enduring spirit of ancient grace,
That dwells within these giants' embrace.

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