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Iconic Velocity: Prototype Legends at Lingotto

Each photograph in this collection captures a rare and iconic prototype car, meticulously restored to its original glory, as it gracefully navigates the historic Lingotto Test Track.
The Lingotto Test Track, steeped in automotive history, was once a renowned Fiat factory in Turin, Italy. Its rooftop circuit, with its iconic spiral ramp, witnessed the birth of numerous automotive legends. Originally constructed in 1923, the Lingotto factory revolutionized the manufacturing process by incorporating an innovative design where completed cars would ascend to the rooftop for testing before descending on through the spiraling track.
In "Iconic Velocity: Prototype Legends at Lingotto," the photographs transport viewers back in time, capturing the essence and magnificence of each prototype car against the backdrop of the Lingotto Test Track.
"Iconic Velocity: Prototype Legends at Lingotto" invites you to celebrate the artistry of automobile design while honoring the legacy of the Lingotto Test Track. It serves as a tribute to the pioneers who pushed the boundaries of engineering and aesthetics, leaving an indelible mark on the automotive world.

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