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Italian Structures

Italian Structures

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The Lingotto Test Track, steeped in automotive history, was once a renowned Fiat factory in Turin, Italy. Its rooftop circuit, with its iconic spiral ramp, witnessed the birth of numerous automotive legends. Originally constructed in 1923, the Lingotto factory revolutionized the manufacturing process by incorporating an innovative design where completed cars would ascend to the rooftop for testing before descending on through the spiraling track.

In this monochromatic analog photograph, titled "Italian Structures," the Lancia Stratos Zero and Ferrari Modulo stand as contrasting masterpieces. The Stratos Zero's angular aggression meets the Modulo's fluid elegance, both iconic designs frozen in a timeless moment of automotive artistry.



- 20 x 26 inches, 50.8 cm x 66 cm

- framed to measure in a black aluminium frame and non-reflective museum grade glass

-signed and numbered 

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