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The Chase of the Yellowbirds

The Chase of the Yellowbirds

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The Fiat Lingotto factory was designed in 1916 by the architect Giacomo Mattè-Trucco in a very special way, namely in such a way that every step in the manufacturing process of a car could be carried out there. The factory was close to the railroad tracks so that the raw materials could be delivered directly to the factory gates.

The design of the testing track is one of a kind as it is built in the most marvelous art deco style. This test track has not been officially used for FIAT since 1982 but the Ruf Yellowbirds, past and future, brought the test track back to life.


The record holding 1987 Ruf Yellowbird is being followed by the new and reinvented 2017 Yellowbird, or officially known as the CTR Anniversary.


This photograph is framed to measure in Bavaria Germany, using elegant black wood and museum glass to exemplify this work of art. It's size is 40 x 30cm and the photograph is printed on black and white Barytpaper. Limted to 10 prints worldwide this is an extraordinary addition to your collection.


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